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Virtual Reality (VR) Fire Command Centre

Fire Command Centre AR/VR Simulations

Here's a little demo to show what we can create on VR with the really easy to make Google Cardboard!

Step 1:
How to put together your google cardboard (you can buy it easily on any online ecommerce store like qoo10)

Step 2:
Turn on your VR app on your smartphone

Step 3:
Put your smartphone in the Google Cardboard.

Step 4:
Place it over your eyes and viola!

The virtual Fire Command Centre comes to live!

Complete with voiceover and animation when you interact with the objects in the room to learn more about the Fire Command Centre components.

If you have any ideas on VR or want to work with us to create something with an unique experience, feel free to comment, PM us or email us at info@tribe-studios.com!

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