Marketing Visualization

Project Grundfos

Grundfos commissioned the project to help their sales people to showcase their company's HVAC, Sewage and Water Booster system in a high-rise building using a 3D cloud based marketing interactive visualizations. This simulation software brings to life the facility management system in a virtual building and provides guided tours, product comparison and simulation features.

Project Kajang

Project Kajang is a marketing visualization showcase of a property development in Malaysia. It was developed to showcase how the salesman in Singapore can pitch to their potential buyers anywhere and anytime even though the property is still in the development phase.

Virtual Singapore Air Show 2010

The marketing visualization product is created to mirror Singapore Technologies exhibition space in the Singapore Airshow 2010. The virtual space allows ST to market its products and services beyond the time and space of the physical airshow event.

Virtual Tekong Island

Virtual Tekong Island Project is done as an initial prototype for a larger upcoming project. The intention is to use this marketing visualization to showcase Tekong Island to the public and the pre-enlistees to educate them on the initial BMT training and life in Tekong using interactive 3D simulations.