Serious Games and Simulations

Total Facilities Management (TFM)

Virtual simulated city used by Ngee Ann Polytechnic for their training and education simulation purpose. The facility management systems like water, electricity, fire safety systems, etc. are simulated. A blended learning format is utilized where lecturers can setup puzzles, problems and questions in this educational simulation to support their training materials as well as to conduct role-play sessions with students using simulated scenarios or what-ifs scenarios. This educational simulation product is powered using our proprietary PaperCraft framework.

ITE World

Simulated virtual space for ITE College East, College Central, and College West to use for education using blended learning techniques. Students and lecturers used the virtual space for art, engineering space, mechanical, game design, hospitality and retail store training. The virtual space also allow for students and staff from different schools and faculty to train together and share training tips. This educational simulation product is powered using our proprietary PaperCraft framework.

Immunology Game

Serious games are games that are designed for a primary purpose, such as education, rather than pure entertainment. Immunology game is a 2D educational serious game created with Ngee Ann Polytechnic to improve understanding of the human body's immune system in response to flu virus and pneumonia bacteria infection. Using the latest WebGL technologies for a pluginless usage on the web browser, this project combines with PaperCraft Learning Management System to create an interactive serious game that simulates immune system to engage the students in learning with comprehensive reporting tools for educators.

Virtual Circuit Board

This education simulator runs on top of the company¡¯s PaperCraft platform and allows for the fast simulation of components and circuit wiring. The system allows students to have a try of their own circuits before they perform their own actual wiring and draw out their electronics components from the store.

Film and Composition Sandbox

This education simulation allows student from a film and media school to setup a scene and to capture angle shots, based on script requirements as given to them by the lecturers.