Everyone sees the big picture!

The FULCRUM is a cloud-based Facility Management Solution designed for building and facility management companies to streamline their maintenance, inspection, training, troubleshooting and incident reporting workflows.

The FULCRUM integrates 3D building and facility models with cloud-based management system and a comprehensive and scalable knowledge base to provide a single solution for all hierarchies of users in the buildingand facility management scene.

With a built-in calendar-based Facility Booking System, FULCRUM is ready to serve the needs of both facility managers and residents/tenants.

    FULCRUM consists of 3 key components:

Cloud-based Management System

Cloud-based Management System for facility manager and building owner to monitor the working status of the building's facilities and assigned tasks of the technicians.

3D Building and Facilities Simulation

3D Building Model and comprehensive Knowledge Base for all hierarchies of users to have a clear picture of the latest building and facilities' status.

Troubleshooting & Incident Reporting via tablet

Tablet version of FULCRUM which allows technician to reference to 3D building models and knowledge base on the move for easier troubleshooting.

    With these 3 key components, FULCRUM is able to provide a single solution for all hierarchies of users in the Building and Facility Management industry.

How can FULCRUM help you?

  • Streamlined maintenance and reporting processes for all hierarchies of users
  • Easier troubleshooting with 3D floor plan and comprehensive knowledge base
  • Easy fault reporting from residents/vendors via QR Codes and mobile-friendly portal
  • Efficient orientation process for new staffs


  • Cloud-based Dashboard
  • Preventive Maintenance Management
  • Corrective Maintenance Management
  • Fault Reporting via QR Code
  • Feedback and Incident Reporting
  • Fault Tracing via 3D Building Models
  • Scalable Central Knowledge Base
  • Event Broadcast via SMS/ Email
  • Facility Booking Services
  • BMS and Sensors Integration
  • Content Management System
  • Scheduled Reports
  • Audit Trails
  • User and Role Management

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