Security Training and Simulations System (STSS)  

Professional Learning System for Security Professionals

Security Training and Simulations System (STSS) is a cloud-based blended learning system specially designed to provide realistic and interactive training to prospective and existing professional security officers. STSS integrates 3D interactive scenario training with content management system and learning management system to provide an indusive and realistic training environment for security personnels.

    STSS consists of 3 key components:

Cloud-based Learning

Cloud-based Learning System allows trainers and students to learn anytime, anywhere.

3D Interactive Scenarios

3D Interactive Scenarios with built-in quiz module allows student to learn in an immersive and realistic environment without any hazards.

Analytics and Reports

Analytics and Reports allows trainers to analyze the performance of his class down to each individual.

What does STSS offers?

STSS is the next generation Blended Learning System that integrates 3D interactive scenarios with quiz, reports, analytics, content and classroom management. It has three levels of difficulty and a highly configurable scoring and assessment mechanism.

STSS currently supports the Certificate of Security Operation (CSO) course modules and is designed to further support other courses with simple scenario add-ons.

How can STSS help you?

Happy Employers

Shorten training time for security training modules

Happy Students

Cloud-based system lets students learn and refresh anytime, anywhere

Happy Trainers

Standardised grading system and Analytics allows trainers to better evaluate students before actual test

Higher Passing Rate

Realistic training via 3D interactive scenario

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